Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook Movie

Aaron Sorkin on Facebook

In a bit of odd news, Aaron Sorkin has apparently signed on to write a movie about the creation of Facebook for producer Scott Rudin. How do we know? Because Sorkin made a Facebook page for it in an effort to first discover what Facebook is.

“I’ve just agreed to write a movie for Sony and producer Scott Rudin about how Facebook was invented. I figured a good first step in my preparation would be finding out what Facebook is, so I’ve started this page. (Actually it was started by my researcher, Ian Reichbach, because my grandmother has more Internet savvy than I do and she’s been dead for 33 years.)”

That’s not a particularly great sign for the movie’s prospects of accuracy.The Vulture does make an interesting point about this development: a movie about internet guys doing internet things on computers is going to be awfully sedentary for Sorkin’s famously mobile writing style. So long as it has that famous whip-crack snappy patter that’s so consistently amusing, everything should work out fine.

And in case you’re out of the loop, Fancast has a Facebook page, too!

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