Batman 3 is Waiting on Nolan

Christopher Nolan
By Andy Hunsaker, Fancast Movies

Just so you can feel even better about the complete hogwash that is the rumor of Cher as Catwoman, Warner Bros. is drooling about greenlighting a third film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga, as you’d expect with such a boffo box office take, but Nolan himself is on vacation, and doesn’t have a story or even a plan yet. Thus, there’s no way there’s any casting being done yet.

Personally, I’ll reiterate my inclination to believe that Nolan will walk away from the franchise, now that the ‘perfect storm’ of ingredients that led to this astonishing run is impossible to duplicate. Hell, he made noise about leaving after the first one, but realized you can’t leave Batman without doing a Joker story, and all of us Two-Face fans are lucky he worked Harvey Dent in, too. He’ll probably leave it while he’s on top, but I’d like to be proven wrong.

Incidentally, the only way Cher would make sense as Catwoman is if there was an adaptation of Frank Miller’s seminal work The Dark Knight Returns, which is a story of Bruce Wayne in his 50s who comes out of retirement to deal with a new wave of ugly criminality, and as such, Selina Kyle would be around that age as well. Nolan is not going to do that story – that’s something they’ll hire Miller himself to do eventually, if The Spirit manages any sort of success. The fact that The Dark Knight Returns is a perfect sequel name, especially considering Batman Returns as Tim Burton’s second Batfilm, is likely the reason this rumor even bubbled up at all.

I’ll say this one again, too: Michael Keaton as Hugo Strange. Make this happen, Mr. Nolan.

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