Fancast Fall TV Preview: My Own Worst Enemy

By Julia Diddy



Premieres Monday, October 13 at 10/9 c

Stars: Christian Slater (True Romance), Saffron Burrows (The Bank Job), Mike O’Malley (My Name is Earl), Madchen Amick (Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers), Alfre Woodard (Desperate Housewives), Cierra Ramirez, Taylor Lautner

What’s It All About: A seemingly regular family guy (Slater) is actually a walking timeshare whose alter ego (yep – Slater again) has been programmed to kill on behalf of a top secret government organization. Thanks to a malfunctioning implant in his brain – which had previously kept the two personalities apart – we learn that humans are even more difficult to reboot and work with than Microsoft Vista.

Quote: ” We are to take the title literally, yes. It’s not necessarily about a guy trying to kill the other guy because there are obvious implications when they happen to share the same body, but he is figuratively his own worst enemy, and they are both vying for supremacy within the same body, and they are locked into a game of zero competition with one another where one person wins and one person loses on certain fronts, obviously. So if Edward wants to have a life and he wants to go off somewhere, he’s obviously anchored to a certain reality because of Henry. So they do come to cross purposes, and that’s where the drama is.” — Executive Producer and Writer Jason Smilovic expounding upon the show’s title, and how that whole schizophrenic angle will play out.

Preview: Enjoy these preview clips courtesy of

Why You Should Watch: Beholding this many highly watchable performers frolicking upon the playground of Christian Slater’s split psyche? You’d be crazy not to watch.

Odds: (As predicted by Vegas Odds-Maker Johnny Avello, Executive Director of Race & Sports – Wynn Las Vegas)

It’ll Evaporate First This Season: 14 to 1

It’ll Live To See A Second Season: 22 to 1

It’ll Become A Mega-Hit: 80 to 1

Johnny’s Verdict: “Might appeal to a diversified audience.”

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