Fancast’s Faces Of Fall: Michael Imperioli In Life On Mars

Julia Diddy


Detective Ray Carling, Life on Mars
Premieres Thursday, Oct. 9 at 10/9 c.

Age: 42

Hometown: Mount Vernon, New York

Where You’ve Seen Him: You ain’t seen him nowhere – you got that?!?! He was home reading a book at the time. Fogeddaboudit!.

Why He’s Someone To Watch This Fall: Imperioli’s commanding presence, combined with the appeal of New York circa 1970, will surely produce some riveting scenes. And sideburns.

Quote: ” I thought there was a lot of truth to the character, and I thought he’s different enough from what I had done in the past, although it seems to be most of the stuff I’ve been doing is either a cop or a robber….. but if that pays the bills, that’s okay.” –On his selection criteria when signing on for his latest role in ABC’s new cops and robbers show.

Preview: Check out this teaser , or this one, or maybe even this one.

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