MacKenzie Phillips Busted For Heroin, Cocaine Possession

Ann M. Murray

Judging by her rehab-cluttered past, you’d think Mackenzie Phillips would have learned to stay away from drugs by the time her 48th year came around. Not so much, according to a new report coming out of Los Angeles, stating that the One Day at a Time actress, who battled her own drug demons during her youth, was busted today at LAX for possession of heroin and cocaine. She was arrested and “booked at Pacific Division and then transferred to Van Nuys,” according to Sgt. Jim Holcomb, spokesman for Los Angeles Airport Police. Apparently Phillips had been trying to smuggle the controlled substances into her flight.

Phillips has had numerous problems with drugs in the past, most notably in her teens during her stint on One Day at a Time, but purported to be clean during her later years. She even guest starred on an episode of Beverly Hills 90210, where she played a drug counselor helping Dylan get clean. The ironic 90210 clip after the jump.

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