Robert Downey Jr., Tina Fey to “Master Mind” Superhero Spoof

by | August 27, 2008 at 9:43 PM | General

Robert Downey Jr.

As if you didn’t know already, Robert Downey Jr. has a good sense of humor. Thus, the report that he’s lending his voice to the Dreamworks animated superhero spoof Master Mind, about a supervillain who loses his will to live after accidentally killing his archnemesis, doesn’t seem like a particularly big stretch from playing a superhero himself. Tina Fey is also set to join the cast as well. Here’s hoping it’s a better spoof than Superhero Movie, although Ben Stiller’s Mystery Men is also an underrated (or perhaps just over-maligned) flick in this genre as well. C’mon, you’ve got to love The Sphinx, whose only power is to “be mysterious.”