Chef Gordon Ramsay Draws Ire of Sir Paul McCartney Over Vegetarian Comments

Ann M. Murray

Would Chef Gordon Ramsay ever cook vegetarian food? Don’t bet on it. The cranky Hell’s Kitchen foodie was quoted as saying that he would not tolerate his daughter bringing home a vegetarian boyfriend. The statement quickly drew the ire of the world’s most famous vegetarian: Sir Paul McCartney, who has himself been a vegetarian for about thirty years. He was quoted as saying, “I think it’s a case of live and let live. I will talk to people about the advantages of vegetarianism, and it will upset me if we’ve had a good conversation and they turn around and say something stupid. I just read a quote from Gordon Ramsay… ‘If my daughter ever grew up and married a vegetarian, I’d never forgive her.’ But even that I would forgive because it’s not my affair, it’s not up to me if he talks stupid or not.”

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