Watching TV With Californication’s Madeline Zima

by Quendrith Johnson

It’s no surprise Madeline Zima, who plays Mia Lewis to David Duchnovy’s Hank Moody on Californication, has barely any free time to watch TV. Besides a hit series on Showtime, she plays guitar, writes poetry, and would like to direct someday. MZ is hugely busy at only 23 with three movies in post-production. And did you know she has famous sisters too? In fact, all the sisters are busy in the business. Younger sisters are Vanessa Zima (The Babysitter’s Club, Judging Amy), 21, and Yvonne Zima (the Long Kiss Goodnight, numerous TV guest spots), 19. Madeline is hot right now with Californication all over the news for various and sundry reasons — from the show’s climbing ratings to the number of star-crossed facets of the show. But when MZ does get the rare moment to watch TV, these are her Fancast favorites:

All Time Favorite TV Series:
I Love Lucy: I’m not a huge TV watcher, so listing 5 all-time favorites is pretty tough. I’d have to go with just one, I Love Lucy, because it is such a classic. It’s one of those shows that everyone knows and is familiar with most all the episodes. I know that I’d seen all of them! (Note: Madeline played the teenage Lucille Ball in the CBS mini-series Lucy.)

Best Series Never Seen:
I’ve never seen, but have always wanted to pick up watching Ugly Betty. America Ferrera is so very likeable and I have always been a fan of hers as a fellow young actress.

Most Under-rated:
The L Word is most under-rated because not enough people watch it for how good it really is. The intriguing characters alone make it great.

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