Robert De Niro Exits Mel Gibson’s Comeback Film


Martin Campbell’s Edge of Darkness, which features Mel Gibson’s first starring role since 2002, just lost a big chunk of its credibility. Robert De Niro has left the set after less than a week of shooting, quitting the project due to what’s being termed “creative differences.” He was supposed to play a clean-up operative covering tracks in the murder of Gibson’s character’s daughter, while Gibson’s detective starts to uncover her secret life amidst corporate and government corruption. Nothing on the reasoning beyond the general whitewash euphemism as yet, but we’ll see if the rumor mongers start up something about conflict between Gibson and De Niro. The filmmakers are just going to have to shoot around him until they find a replacement. Hell, maybe Al Pacino can do it. He didn’t leave 88 Minutes. How picky can he be about creative decisions?

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