This Weekend: Nicolas Cage in “Bangkok Dangerous”

Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous
Nicolas Cage stars as Joe, a skilled assassin whose crushing loneliness starts to get the better of him, and he breaks the long-standing rules of the killing game to get close to a girl in Thailand and mentoring the young man he hires to run his dirty errands. He doesn’t believe in trust, but he lets down his guard once his long buried conscience resurfaces at the worst possible time – when the crimelord who hired him wants his gruesome job done. There will be hell to pay.

Watch the trailer for the original version of Bangkok Dangerous.

In Limited Release:

Everybody Wants To Be Italian
Jake (Jay Jablonski) can’t get over the girl that dumped him eight years ago and is now married with children. His friends get so sick of this that they set him up with a gorgeous Italian woman (Cerina Vincent), but he’s convinced she won’t go for him if he’s not Italian – so he takes a crash course in faking it.

Ping Pong Playa
Jimmy Tsai is Chris “C-Dub” Wang, a loud and obnoxious wannabe basketball player who still lives at home with his mom and looks to be going nowhere in life. That is, until his mother’s hand injuries force him to step up and take over her ping-pong class, and reluctantly he starts to find his true calling.


Bottle Shock
The true tale of the rise of the Napa Valley wine business stars Alan Rickman as a wine aficionado who comes to rural California to discover that country folks like Bill Pullman and Chris Pine can create wine that’s every bit as good as the highfalutin French make.

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Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer are American tourists taking a train trip through Russia who get caught up in a conflict full of international intrigue between drug traffickers they inadvertently befriended, mobsters and a Russian cop played by Ben Kingsley.

Watch clips from Transsiberian.

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