Sarah Connor’s Thomas Dekker: Actor, Director, Musician

Ann Murray

Thomas Dekker is hot right now. He’s got a starring gig on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, which premiered its new season last week. He also just wrapped up a new film with Cameron Diaz and in the process of releasing a film he directed, wrote and produced, starring none other than Megan Fox. And to top it off he has a new electronica album out on Itunes. Does this guy ever rest? He talked to us about this and more at a Fox network party at the Santa Monica pier this summer.

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So tell me, what’s it like working on the show right now?
It’s great. I mean I’ve loved the show doing it from day one. I have such a bond with Lena and Summer and that is the best part, is working with them. We work like 20 hour days, everyday. So, it is really exhausting. But, it is so worth it. This season is going to be better than the last.

What are some of the highlights of the past season that come to mind?
I loved getting to all of the sensitivity and the emotions… although, I know this season we can turn that all around… I loved the episode of where he sees a videotape of Sarah signing him away and I loved the scene where she comes to me about it. That was a really nice scene for me and Lena to do together… I’m just so proud of last season, but this season I am already proud of it.

What do you hope your fans will get from this upcoming season?
It is just full of one explosive twist and shock after another, which I feel that we didn’t really have last year… So, that is very different and very exciting.

You have sort of come out as the sex symbol after the show…
(laughs) Yeah, right!!

You totally have! How do you feel about being that guy?
If it is true that I have that, I don’t really understand it… you know, that has never really been my plan. I just got into this to do the weird things… So, I just like doing my work and I also got to do some really great films this year during the break as well… One of them I got to shave off all of my hair and eyebrows and it was a total vanity-less project, which was great for me. I love doing that kind of stuff. But hey, that is a compliment in and of itself. I just hope that people like the character of John, the way I am playing him and like the performance… that the diehard fans of the movie are not offended and that’s all that matters to me.

You were talking about some of the projects that you are doing right now, can you talk a little bit about that?

Yeah. I did this film, My Sister’s Keeper, which is where I am a cancer patient and have no hair and that was with Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin, that was great. I did a little horror film called Laid to Rest, the director is a friend of mine. And then, the film I directed and wrote and produced, Whore, is getting released and going through all of the film festivals and I got a great cast with Megan Fox and including myself. I am so excited about that to come out. It is very provocative and controversial, and hopefully will be an intelligent film. Then, my album is finally coming out this month for digital release on Itunes and Napster. It’s amazing to me the fan base that music has acquired. It has never been released, other than the four or five songs that have been put up. So, it has a really big following, which is great.

What is the name of your album?
Psyanotic… it is a weird one

How did you get the idea for the name of the album?
I probably finished writing the album about a year in a half ago, so it has been sitting there for awhile. I was disappointed with electronica, which is what my music is, with this sort of lack of thought and intelligence into composing music. So, psyanotic is a term for when you’re (unclear) deprived from cyanide poisoning… So, like psychology, I thought that this was thought-deprived in music and that this would sort of be a cure for it.

That’s actually really cool.
Thanks. I like play on words.

What’s your favorite TV show?
all of my favorite shows have already been cancelled. So, they are already on DVD. My favorite shows of all times are Twin Peaks, Tales from the Krypt, Dead Like Me, and Elf. Those are some of the best shows ever.

By the way, we have tons of those on We have full episodes of Elf.
Elf is the best!

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