New York Times Calls Rachel Zoe “A Pox on Humanity”

Ann M. Murray

People’s dislike of Rachel Zoe seems to have peaked at around the time when she was dressing Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, but when The Rachel Zoe project aired, it looked like her public image had softened a little. This was due in part to the way she appears on the series–vulnerable, nice, understanding of the plight of her assistants, one of whom is constantly abused by Zoe’s senior personal assistant. But The New York Times this week took all that the few episodes had accomplished and reversed it. A new piece, one that calls Zoe a “pox on humanity,” accuses the celebrity stylist of encouraging starlets to become famous for no particular reason other than carrying a venti cup of Starbucks coffee and sporting oversized sunglasses. It also calls out the timing of the series, saying that “as investment banks are dissolving, and unemployment stands at more than 6 percent. It isn’t merely that “Rachel Zoe” lumbers along, asking us to get excited about a corporate work in progress — it’s also that the timing couldn’t be nuttier.”

Fancast has free episodes of The Rachel Zoe project. Watch Rachel shut it down after the jump on the first ever episode.

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