Brett Ratner Still Wants To Do Superman

Brett Ratner

A while back, Brett Ratner was attached to reboot Superman with a J.J. Abrams script, but when Bryan Singer hopped from the X-Men franchise to do Supeman Returns, Ratner took his place on X-Men: The Last Stand, and that didn’t end well for either of them. Now that the official word has come down that Warner Bros. is planning on ignoring Singer’s Superman movie to relaunch The Man of Steel again, Ratner might want back in.

“The original movie I was going to be a part of took place on Krypton for about half of the movie. So it was much more otherworldly, and much darker, because there was a civil war on Krypton. You’d get more of the history. That wasn’t just darker, but cooler, in my mind. Maybe we can go back to it one day. I definitely agreed with Bryan Singer that you need an unknown actor. I was going to surround Superman with known actors, but it’s important to get an unknown. I love Tom Cruise, but to have someone like him who you see as Tom Cruise would be a mistake.”

Could this mean that Brandon Routh could conceivably keep the job as Superman while everything reboots around him? Or will they go with Mark Millar’s planned hardass Superman trilogy? Or is it possible that we could make a Superman movie that’s NOT dark and gritty because Superman isn’t supposed to be dark and gritty?

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