Chi McBride hates interviews, loves “Pushing Daisies”

Jen Smith

Chi McBride plays snarky-yet-lovable private detective Emerson Cod on the smash hit Pushing Daisies. Despite its short first season (it was affected by the writer’s strike), Pushing Daisies pushed through and became a multiple Emmy-nominated show. Unfortunately, neither Lee Pace nor Kristin Chenoweth won for their acting, but the show managed to sneak in a few wins. Fancast had the pleasure of chatting with Mr. McBride about all things TV and the two things he hates most about being an actor.

Pushing Daisies only had nine episodes and then there was a big long break. Is there anything they did to help the audience catch up a little bit?

Yes. On the first episode we do a little bit of a recap of the season. Sort of a re-telling of the mythology of the story so that people that are first time viewers can kind of catch on. And then we just hit the ground running. We start from the secret that was revealed that Aunt Lily is really Chuck’s mother and we just go from there. It’s going to be a smokin’ year! We’re doing some really funny stuff some really great episodes.

How does it feel to have more Emmy nominations than episodes?

It’s pretty surreal and pretty weird… but lovely. We were really happy for our editors and for our designers and for Barry Sonnenfeld especially (who won for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series). The minute I walked into the meeting with Barry, Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks, and Bryan Fuller (the executive producers), I knew what kind of show it was going to be. I was just so excited to work with them and it’s really come full circle.

Your character is known for having the best one-liners. Are you proud of that?

Yeah, I really am. The writers are very, very good to me and I try to just deliver the words in the spirit in which they were written. Fortunately, it’s all been very good and it’s a lot of fun for me. It’s not even like work. It’s just fun every day. There’s two things I hate about show business. One is doing a battery of interviews, but I have to do it! (Laughs) And the other is getting up early. And you know what? For this show, it’s a pleasure to do it every day.

What are your favorite shows on TV?



I never miss Damages. The shows I TIVO are Damages and The Closer. Love those two shows. They’re so well acted, they’re incredibly well written. They’re shows that I wish I were on… if I wasn’t on the show I’m on!

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