Charlize Theron: The Hills? What Hills?

by | September 25, 2008 at 11:24 AM | Celebrities

Ann Murray

Can’t tell The Hills apart from Gossip Girl? You’re in good company. Academy Award winner and acting thespian, Charlize Theron has never watched an episode either, saying “But The Hills is about nothing,” she continued. “I think the girls are beautiful and when they cry their mascara runs and that’s real, but I don’t get it!” But she admits that in her mid thirties, she might be a bit long in the tooth to be watching the show “I am a nana. I’ll just take it. I am a nana. Maybe I need to watch the shows some more.” Then echoing a million other’s sentiments, she adds, “It’s about nothing! This is a free country. Freedom of speech! You can tell me right now to my face that Reindeer Games was a piece of sh–. That’s totally fine.” So is it safe to assume that she thinks The Hills is a piece of sh–too? I think it its! I wonder what Lauren or Audrina think about Reindeer Games?