Chuck: Zachary Levi on Nicole Richie and Another Surprise Upcoming Celebrity Guest Star

Ann Murray

The exciting new season of Chuck premieres on Monday and no one is more excited than Fancast. In fact, we are so excited that we are offering you the season premiere episode before it airs (check out the video above!). To top that, we got a chance to talk to Chuck’s Zachary Levi and hear his thoughts about Nicole Richie’s guest spot as well as one other surprising upcoming celebrity cameo. Check out the interview and watch out for the spoiler alerts!

So tell me about Chuck’s upcoming guest stars
So yes Nicole Richie fantastic. Chris Walken fantastic. Ah it was really cool. When I first found out, no lie, I was like that’s interesting. You know what I mean? The only thing I know of Nicole was that she was doing The Simple Life which is a reality show. And I didn’t know if she’d acted in anything before. Like you know. Oh yeah absolutely. And we all know that reality is not reality anyway. It’s all set up and scripted and all this stuff. But Nicole came in and from day one was uber professional.

Richie, Nicole Richie

You said Nicole Kidman by accident, earlier
Did I? Well she’s that good [laughs]. Umm but no, Nicole was really dialed in. She was very professional and she has ah, you’ll see. I’m so for Yvonne and Nicole. Okay I’ll just give you this. Nicole and Yvonne, you find out that they went to high school together. Nicole was the hot cheerleader and Yvonne not so much. Kind of odd weird girl that. . . ah no no. I’ve already said too much. But anyway so you learn about this anyway. You learn a lot about Yvonne’s back story. Which is great. And now fast forward to it’s 2008 and all of a sudden they see each other. And we’re not sure who this chick is. We think she’s tailing me so maybe she’s a bad chick. And then we find out oh my god we went to high school together. Blah blah blah. So I’m stoked because I’m like oh my god I’m finally finding out stuff about Sarah’s past and her history that she won’t tell me. So lets just say the end of this episode is one of the most kick ass fights we’ve ever had on the show. It’s between Yvonne who’s been doing fights for you know thirteen plus episodes. And Nicole who I don’t know if she’s done a fight in any show before. And she was on it. She was dialed in. I mean they were like throwing punches and grabbing hair.

So she’s a bad girl
Well, no. Not necessarily! No she’s just someone that she might get into a fight with maybe. Josh Schwartz is gonna have my ass. So there’s a bit of a throw down.

Chuck Nicole Richie

Was she maternal on the set? Did she seem like a mom?
Well no. I mean she seemed like a mom to her child. Harlow was there almost every day. I think maybe every day. And she’s such an adorable baby. I just, I wanted to eat the baby. Is that wrong? Do you ever see babies? Your just like, and I know this sounds wrong, but I want to eat the actual baby. Ah no right? Almost all of my friends’ kids are so gorgeous.

Does Harlow have a cameo?
No cameo for Harlow. Which is weird because we hired Harlow first and it was like a package deal. Ah no, Harlow no cameo. But maybe one day. There will be like a forty year old Chuck and Harlow will be like what? Thirteen at that point. Just starting her acting career.

So she does one episode? Or two? Or how many?
Just one. But Jordana Brewster is coming on to a three episode arch as my old flame from college who broke my heart. Bryce Larkin stole her from me. The crazy thing is Matthew Bomer who plays Bryce Larkin and Jordana Brewster played boyfriend girlfriend in Texas Chain-saw Massacre. And now they’re also playing boyfriend girlfriend in the past in Chuck. No chain-saws involved no. As a super spy you don’t need a chain-saw you just use fingers. It just kind of comes in like that you know?

Is Rachel Bilson coming back at all?

I don’t know about that. But hopefully. She was fantastic.

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