Private Practice’s Chris Lowell: My dark past comes back to haunt me

Ann Murray

What’s going on with resident Private Practice hottie Chris Lowell on the upcoming season of the show? He tells Fancast that his dark past will come back to haunt him. Tonight’s episode will also be one of the most relevant episodes yet given the nation’s current troubles, by delving into the financial problems of the hospital. Catch this and more on our chat with Chris.

Walk me through a day on the set of Private Practice.
Okay here’s how it basically goes down. Everyone else on the show shows up about three hours early to go through the hair and make-up. Cause they’re all so wrinkly and old. I show up five minutes before. With powder just kind of to make them feel better. We go on set. Taye Diggs doesn’t know his lines so we say them for him and create cue cards. Then we start shooting and at some point we have an eloquent feast which I usually prepare.

That sounds amazing.
That’s about a typical day. That’s a typical Tuesday. [laughing]

What do you remember about your first day on the set?
Ahh first day I just remember a lot of dread. It was walking on set with a bunch of unbelievably renown actors. I just remember thinking to myself that someone screwed up somewhere and I didn’t belong there. And then I learned very quickly that aside from being incredibly talented that they’re also the nicest human beings on the planet. So I was very easily welcomed which was good.

That’s awesome.
And then I realized that I am more talented than all of them. [laughing]

Ha ha. Did you guys start hanging out? How was it to break into the PP click?
It was interesting because I thought that because everyone was adults and we all have spouses and kids that we really wouldn’t spend a lot of time together. And right at the beginning of the season Kate got married and we all went out and had drinks to celebrate. It was the first time that any of us could be alone without any of the press or the writers of the show around us. And that’s when I really realized how brilliant and just lovely these people are. It’s one of the greatest groups of people to work with.

Are you like your character? In what ways?
Well I think that I’m alike with Dell in that I’m incredibly passionate and I’m always a little bit nervous. And I’m always kind of a perfectionist. I think that if someone were to have me deliver their child, things would not go very well. Um and I certainly don’t know how to surf. But other than that I think we’re pretty much . . . I’m in love with Audra McDonald as my character is. So that sort of is similar. [laughs]

What does your dressing room look like? Is it all pimped out?
It looks like this, I’m in my pajamas right now. I’ll tell you what my dressing room is. It’s all of my friends who just graduated from college that don’t have jobs yet asleep in it.

Ha ha couch hoppers.
That’s exactly it. Couch hopping.


I hear that you’re totally into photography.
Absolutely yes.

What’s your favorite subject to shoot?
Oh my gosh. Well I’m a big fan of street photography. Usually the formula I sort of set for myself is that I go to a place where I don’t speak the language and I don’t know anything about it. I try to find the most popular land mark and then walk as far away from it as possible. I think the most beautiful people to shoot are the ones who don’t normally pose for photographs and don’t know they’re being shot. And I love it. It’s a little voyeuristic but the products that come out of it are gorgeous.

Is there somewhere your fans can check out your photos?
Yeah I have a website. It’s

What other talent other than photography do you have that your fans might be surprised with also?
Hmm well okay. This is something that I can do that I’m pretty proud of. I often times will play Kate Walsh on the show. She doesn’t like to come in for very long. She usually does six hours and leaves. I put on a red wig, perk up my lips a little, put on heels, and I do love the scenes opposite Tim Daly. So if you look closely you can tell which one is me, because I have this mole.

Tell me a surprising thing that we will see with your character this upcoming season?
Well I think that Dell comes from a very troubled childhood and I think his past definitely comes back to haunt him later on this season. And that’s been a really interesting and dark side of his character. It’s been a lot of fun.

Why should our readers watch the season premiere? What is one thing that should draw them to the first episode of the season?

Well potentially that, it’s very reflective of what’s going on now. Which is that the practice itself is in a total financial stress. And it’s sort of interesting to see what people will do to keep their businesses afloat. And there’s some really moral and ethical dilemmas that are drawn because people are really willing to do anything. And it’s a lot of fun to see the characters who have a problem with it more. And to see everybody but heads. It’s awesome. It’s awesome. And then on top of it you have people having sex left and right. Because our show is just full of hormones as well.

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