‘Dancing’ Judges Blow It?

By Tracy Phillips

There was a whack job on the dance floor once again this week—and I’m not talking about Cloris Leachman. I’m talking to you, Carrie Ann Inaba.

In a sexy night of tangos and sambas, the judges said they were going to be tougher since we’re approaching the half-way mark. They then went on to give some erratic, questionable scores. On this night, crowd pleasers Warren and Kym and Toni and Alec received the exact same scores as clowns Cloris and Corky.

Carrie Ann went so far as to give Cloris an “8”…but not before a vain moment where she told Cloris to get out of the way because she was blocking her camera angle. Carrie Ann then exposed her struggles with the English language when she didn’t know the proper verb tense of the word shine, prompting the best insult from Bruno maybe ever: he called her “Paula.” (As in, that inept judge on that OTHER monster reality show.)

Read on for more of the good, the bad, and the ugly:

Maurice and Cheryl. Dance: Samba. Score: 20
Maurice and Cheryl got their ‘fros on and jammed to “That’s the Way I Like It” in a catchy routine that was hard not to like. And yet the judges did, saying Maurice, while fun to watch, lacked precision and isn’t progressing. I loved this dance, the song, the outfits…so boo to these low scores!

Cody and Julianne. Dance: Tango. Score: 23

The “Boy Wonder” is finding his “mojo.” Even though Cody and Julianne ended up lying on top of each at the end of their tango, I’m pretty sure the judges were only talking about the dancing. They got solid comments tonight but Julianne admits in her blog, “Those judges annoy me sometimes.”

Toni and Alec. Dance: Samba. Score: 22
Toni made a noticeable mistake in her routine, but she had challenging choreography and did pull off the samba rolls. I find Toni and Alec a bit perplexing; they sizzle out on the dance floor yet they ultimately leave me cold.

Cloris and Corky. Dance: Tango. Score: 22
From “Grandma from Hell” to “Grand Duchess of Lust:” Cloris cleaned up her act and gave us her best dance. So, you know, it’s relative. There were still too many moments where Corky had to grab her arm and pull her because she looked a little lost in the steps. She can get that leg up high too, but that’s her best trick. It seems as if the judges got so excited that she didn’t disgrace the dance floor this time, they picked up the wrong paddles and gave her a 22!?

Rocco and Karina. Dance: Samba. Score: 18
The hot pink chiffon ruffles couldn’t disguise Rocco’s lack of musicality according to Bruno; Carrie Ann said he is still “lacking;” while, for some reason, Len gave him a light-hearted “well done.” Everyone: enjoy one last pouty eye roll from Karina before she joins Maks and Edyta on the bench.

Susan and Tony. Dance: Tango. Score: 24

Susan got major kudos and high scores for burying the “timid” bit and channeling Erica Kane for a fiesty tango, but I am consistently underwhelmed by her performances. I would have given this dance Maurice and Cheryl’s 20.

Brooke and Derek. Dance: Samba. Score: 26

This samba was so sexy, Bruno said he needed a smoke afterward. Len claimed it was “too erotic” and said it as if it were a bad thing. Carrie Ann thinks Brooke’s blend of athleticism and grace will carry her to the finals. Duh.

Lance and Lacey. Dance: Tango. Score: 26
Lance and Lacey finally found the right balance between pleasing the temperamental judges and staying true to their funky selves with a Goth-inspired tango that gave them their highest scores yet.

Warren and Kym. Dance: Samba. Score: 22
Warren and Kym put on another enjoyable routine but were criticized for lacking content. I can’t argue with this one; the moves seemed fairly easy, but the blame for the choreography goes to Kym.

Elimination prediction: It’s unlikely Rocco and Karina will pull enough viewer votes to overcome the combined low scores from last week and last night. Which is a shame since they’ll miss out on the fantastic four new dances being introduced next week: The hustle, jitterbug, salsa and west coast swing.

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