Good Greediness, Gekko! “2 Wall 2 Street” is a Go!

by | October 14, 2008 at 1:42 PM | General

Wall Street

Just last week, we brought up Oliver Stone’s Wall Street as a timely reminder of what we can all unite to hate about our current economic climate of volatility. Seems Fox is thinking the same way, as they’ve started to fast-track a sequel called Money Never Sleeps, which would tell the story of Michael Douglas’ ruthless manipulator Gordon Gekko emerging from prison into a financial reality vastly different from the one he ruled in 1987, when cell phones were giant. Douglas himself is interested, but won’t commit until he reads a script, whereas Charlie Sheen’s likely hookered his way out of his sequel opportunities – there’ll be no Bud Fox for him. It also seems unlikely that Stone would return for such an outing, either.