It’s Hard Out There For A Page

By Julie Zied


Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Page at NBC? Well, for starters, it requires a lot more mental acuity than is portrayed by 30 Rock’s dim-witted Kenneth Parcell. With 7,000 applicants for only 60-85 slots, admission into the illustrious Page program is 10% percent more competitive than admission into Hardvard or Yale. Hear that, Blair Waldorf? There goes your shot at donning a peacock-emblazoned polyester suit!

So what makes the job so difficult? According to a profile in the NYT, “A page’s first week is always the same. They all attend long orientation sessions, are herded through NBC’s labyrinthine warren of offices and studios and are handed a 75-page handbook full of trivia, much of which they are expected to memorize. Many make flash cards and study in pairs to prepare for the exam at week’s end.” The gig also requires “a bachelor’s degree relevant to broadcasting, a grade-point average of least 3.0 and at least one internship in a related field.” And what’s the pay? $10/hour. It might sound like chump change, but with about 70% of Page’s going on to find full-time gigs at the network, you might be a chump not to try it!

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