Watching TV: Chocolate News’ David Alan Grier

Ann Murray

When we talked to David Alan Grier, he clued us in about his hilarious new show, Chocolate News, premiering tonight at 10:30/9:30C on Comedy Central. He also let us in on what his favorite comedy shows (and one not so comedic!):

1. The Daily Show: funny news, I like The Daily Show – I’ve always liked John Stewart a lot.

2. Trailer Park Boys: In terms of just TV shows there was a show I watched in Vancouver, Canada called Trailer Park Boys. Which I guess is old there but it’s one of the funniest f*** shows I’ve ever seen.

3. Sarah Silverman Program: She’s really funny.

4. Jimmy Kimmel Live: I love this one a lot.

5. Trauma, life in the ER: but they don’t do new shows anymore. That’s the one where they really cut people open and stuff. So I’m thinking now, I haven’t seen it; it’s where they follow doctors around and stuff. But I like to see, there’s a classic episode, where this guy drove this big ass truck. And his wife was backing the truck up and she crushed him between a dumpster and the truck.

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