30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander Launches “Ask Judah”

[Editor’s Note: We are thrilled to introduce “Ask Judah,” a new weekly column on Fancast from World Champion comic and ’30 Rock’ star Judah Friedlander. Judah will answer questions from Fancast users about any and all topics, including life behind the scenes on ’30 Rock,’ politics, the economy, your relationship issues, sports, and of course movies, TV, music and pop culture. In addition, you’ll find out about Judah and his coming stand-up appearances. So send in your questions.]

By Judah Friedlander
Special to Fancast



It’s my first blog here at Fancast.com.

One of the coolest things about being on ‘30 Rock‘ is getting invited to events like the Bravo Awards where I got to meet TRON GUY!


I had to put up more than one photo, though.

On a night when I’m not filming ’30 Rock,’ I’m probably doing stand-up somewhere. Go to the jump and check out a photo of me doing stand-up at the University of Illinois a few weeks ago.


That was a fun show and the students were cool.


I’m excited to have ’30 Rock’ back on the air this Thursday night! If you’ve already watched it online – watch it again, tape it, DVR it – whatever it takes, just watch it and I hope you enjoy. This episode was a lot of fun to do and I got to show off some of my nunchuck skills. I think I definitely scared some castmates when I was using the nunchucks.

I’ll be posting again tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday. If you have any questions, I’ll try and answer them. And if you have any comments – leave ‘em. And if you live in the Seattle area – come see me do stand-up this Friday night – that’s right, on Halloween. I’m doing a stand-up show at The Moore Theatre. There’s more info at my website. You can also hit me up on Myspace or Facebook!

Also, look for me in some hybrid promos for ’30 Rock’ and the new Honda Fit. There are four spots airing on NBC prime time this week (one last night, one tonight & then tomorrow & Thursday).

Talk tomorrow.


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