Jordan Francis Talks Camp Rock 2

By Joe Goldman


Where would you be if you had a hit Disney film, worked with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato and were in the midst of shooting a sequel? You’d be on top of the world. And that’s exactly where Jordan Francis is right now. Fancast got the chance to sit down with this star of the Disney hit Camp Rock.

What are you working on right now?
Right now I’m currently working on my album. I’m working on making new music for myself and other people and a song writer as well. And also, as far as TV, I’m working on a TV series for Family Channel, it’s a Canadian branch of the Disney Channel and that show is called Connor Under Cover. I play the character of Why Not in the show. And basically what the show is about is the President’s daughter from a country in South America comes to Canada to live under cover with Connor and his family. And I play Connor’s best friend in it. What is cool is that I get to do a music video at the end of every episode. So I get to do music in the show as well. That’s a principle role in it.

Are you working on Camp Rock 2 now?
Right now that is in the works. They’re actually working on the script as we speak and we’re supposed to be ready to rehearse and shoot around early summer or late spring.

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Tell me a little about your character in Camp Rock. Can you relate to your character in any way?
Yeah sure, I play the role of Baron in Camp Rock and my character is very much outgoing, a lot of energy, a lot of drive. Basically his personality is like what mine was two or three years ago. Baron just wants to be in the industry and now more about the industry. He goes to Camp Rock as a training ground to learn more and to soak up everything he can from his camp counselors and his friends. And I say that I was like that three years ago because as far as the industry is concerned, I was a rookie and I didn’t know too many things. And as I went along I learned more. That’s the same as with my character in the movie. As he goes throughout the movie he learns more about life and what goes on with the industry and with music.

How was your interaction with your co-stars?
Oh yeah, for sure. It was like one big family. We still keep in touch now. It’s just been like that ever since. We’ve just been like one big family and we keep in touch now and again. Everybody in the cast after Camp Rock has a crazy busy schedule so when we can we meet up whenever we’re in town. Whenever the Jonas Brothers have a concert I try to be there as much as possible. And ah, yeah that’s how it is.

So you guys don’t really hang out because you’re all so busy but you do keep in touch?
Yeah. Yeah. If they’re in town and I’m in town they’re like oh lets meet up. And then we’ll make it happen.

What about Demi Levato?

Yeah we’re good friends. She’s like a little sister to me. So we keep in touch now and again. She’s busy doing her TV show out in LA but now and again I’ll IM her, or call or text message her and see what’s up.

What types of things would you guys do to pass time on set?

While we were waiting he joked around and talked a lot. We would have little jam sessions where we would sing and dance and stuff like that. Everyone in the cast was so talented and had a music background so it was crazy. Other than that we joked around a lot. There’s a couple of things on YouTube with me and the Jonas Brothers fooling around. Making up hand shakes and stuff like that. And me and Demi in the tutoring room. So that’s basically what went on behind the scenes.

What was your dressing room like? Did you personalize it? Make it your own?

To be honest with you, I wasn’t even in my dressing room too much because we were always on set all of the time. But it was pretty cool. I had a TV in there, mirror, nice couch, DVD player, MP3 player. Yeah it was cool.

You’re working on an album right now?
Yeah I’m working on the album and the TV series in Canada.

When can we expect these upcoming projects?
Connor Undercover is supposed to be coming out probably around the same time that we’re shooting Camp Rock 2. So like late Spring, early Summer. But it might change so I want to be safe and just say 2009.

What are you watching right now? Can you give me a top five TV shows that you’re watching?
Yeah for sure, as far as TV I love to watch Family Guy, The Office. I love Entourage. Um, anything on BET or MTV I’m good with.

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