Arrested Development Coming To A Theater Near You?

By Tom Rose

Bluth Family Fans Rejoice! According to The Hollywood Reporter the critic’s favorite, and another early victim of the network chopping block, Arrested Development is one step closer to the Silver Screen.

Ron Howard, who created the show, and Mitch Hurwitz, who exec-produced, are reportedly locked into a treatment deal with Imagine and Fox Searchlight. The long simmering rumor of an AD film now appears to have serous legs and should go a long way to quieting ardent fans of the brilliantly written, hilariously off-kilter saga of the Bluth family, whose vast food empire started out with a humble banana stand.

In the series, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) is called back home to save the family business from financial ruin by his eccentric father/founder George (Jeffrey Tambor). Michael had already renounced the glitz and glamour he was rightfully entitled to by deciding to get a real job and raise his son George Michael (a perpetually 13-year old Michael Cera) like a typical, middle-class American kid.

The whole plan falls apart when grandpa gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The mixture of working man ethics and gazillionaire indulgence lead to some of the most memorable moments ever to air on Fox. That’s probably what caused its demise, as TV continues to kill the best shows in favor of mind-numbing mediocrities. And, oh yeah, “ratings”…

Fans will remember the last episode where Ron Howard, playing himself and not just narrating, heard the pitch from the Bluths about a possible movie treatment being made from their story. Looks like it finally sunk in. Hooray for Hollywood!

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