Britney Spears In Rolling Stone: I’m Ready To Date Again!

By Tom Rose

Appearing with her trademark (and newly buff) bare midriff and tousled blond locks on the cover, Britney Spears really lets her hair down in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. The pics and interview reveal how “boring” her life is, now that’s she’s got some free time without K-Fed and the kids around 24/7 to distract her.

According to E! Online, the 27-year old Britster complains about feeling like “an old fart” and bemoans the lack of suitably single hunks available to romance her before her 9:30 bedtime. The last eligible receiver she hooked up with (through her handlers) bore too close a resemblance to a taller, geekier, and older Harry Potter lookalike.

Still, the news isn’t all bad. She’s gearing up for her next world tour to promote her latest album “Circus” and as a special treat the entire album is streaming online for free a whole week early.

A quick listen to the bouncy tracks is all you need to see that Britney Spears still has what it takes to top the charts in a whole new direction – that of jilted lover.

In the interview, Spears admits that her baby daddy split with the kids in the middle of her self-destructive trauma played out in front of the cameras just this past January, rather than the oft-rumored story of her kicking him out. Federline recently won total custody of the children in a bitter court battle and the couple are now divorcing.

Have a listen to the album and let us know what you think.

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