Gerard Butler Hunts Bounty On Jennifer Aniston

by | December 9, 2008 at 2:39 PM | General

Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston

After playing a dedicated wife and mother in Marley & Me, it seems Jennifer Aniston needs to cut loose by playing the bail-skipping ex-wife of a bounty hunter played by Gerard Butler, who has to catch her, natch. It’s another kooky ne’er-do-well comedy from Andy Tennant, director of the McConaughey/Hudson flick Fool’s Gold, but this as-yet-untitled screenplay was penned by Sarah Thorp, who was behind the Ashley Judd thriller Twisted. Could this finally be the thing that solidifies Aniston’s status as a movie star? It always seems a bit precarious. Even though she keeps making movies, they never seem to really galvanize people. Case in point, Marley & Me looks to be marketed as a goofy kiddie comedy about a dog, when it’s really much more of an Old Yeller vibe, and it’s much more focused on adult relationships, so there’ll likely be a lot of confused audiences on Christmas Day (and to further add to the marketing weirdness, significant parts of this trailer are not in the final film).