Britney Spears & K-Fed: Back Together?

Tom Rose


According to, Britney Spears has decided to give her relationship with Kevin Federline another chance, and asked him to move back in with her. Citing an anonymous inside source, the rumor goes something like this:

“Kevin has been staying over a lot but I don’t think it will be long until they are living together full-time again. They have slipped back into their old relationship really easily. Kevin is excited about living with Britney again because he finds it tough being a single dad. (The 27-year-old Spears has two children, Sean Preston, three, and two-year-old Jayden James with ex-husband K-Fed. Since August the rapper wannabe has full custody of both boys.) She is thrilled because she can have her kids back and a relationship with someone she trusts.”

So why this report from The Hollywood Gossip?

“Britney Spears may not be in the Christmas spirit after she sees this. Her ex-husband and father of her two boys, Kevin Federline, reportedly has a new girlfriend… Victoria Prince, an ex-volleyball star, is a member of K-Fed’s “Party Animals” bowling team, which is currently in second place in their local league.”

Uh-oh. While Britney continues her amazing comeback (her blog puts her in Japan, where’s she’s enthralled by all the “cute, tiny cars” and getting ready for the UK leg of her world tour) it seems K-fed is knocking down some new pins back at the mansion.

Careful, Britney! Don’t give the keys to the Ferrari back just yet!

Which story is true? Tell us what you think as we follow the comeback of Britney Spears right here on Fancast.

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