Judge Orders Steven Adler Back to Rehab

By: Jen Smith

Announcer: Steven Adler, you have just graduated from Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Where are you gonna go next?

Steven Adler: Um. More rehab.


A Los Angeles judge has ordered former Guns N’ Roses drummer and recent Celebrity Rehab participant, Steven Adler, into a state-sanctioned drug rehab program in exchange for avoiding jail time. Sounds like a fair trade. Isn’t rehab easier the second time around?

This all stems from an arrest last July where Adler was charged with being under the influence of and in possession of drugs. He then joined Dr. Drew’s show, and then went into yet another rehab program which caused him to miss a court appearance last week.

The Associated Press reports that Adler will remain on probation throughout the further stint in rehab. Adler apparently wanted to get clean and sober so he could rejoin his old band. Here’s wishing him a happy and healthy new year!

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