Networks Can’t Cut the Cord on Unpopular Programs

By: Jen Smith


We all hate it when networks put TV shows into a coma and then can’t decide whether to pull the plug or not. Although with certain shows, not many people take notice. The Live Feed lists just a few shows that are in this type of purgatory limbo. Here are a few of the worst offenders, broken down by network:

: “The Moment of Truth” and “‘Til Death” are both MIA. Neither is much of a surprise, as ratings for both shows have never quite been on the strong side. Rumor has it that “Truth” has episodes on standby but can’t seem to squeeze a couple dimes out of sponsors, while “Death” will likely reappear only to fill scheduling holes.

: “American Gladiators” became popular (again) during the writer’s strike due to, well, the lack of writing. But when Americans had better programming to choose from, they dropped “Gladiators” like an over-steroidal hot potato.

ABC: “According to Jim” should have been taken out back and shot about four seasons ago, but ABC has just now decided to put it out of its misery. It will air its remaining 12 episodes over the summer, unless it’s needed to fill a hole caused by a prematurely-canceled (and likely decent) show. Meanwhile, “Opportunity Knocks” producers have adamantly insisted this show is coming back, but without viewers or an interesting premise, this show was DOA.

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