The Fancast Christmas Marathon Part 1

By Tom Rose

There’s a saying at this time of year. “May peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through.”

At Fancast, we want to ensure your gift pile also includes fantastic TV shows. So we selected 25 of our favorite Christmas-themed episodes for you to watch, enjoy, and share with your family and friends. It’s our way of helping you enjoy the holidays.

After all, what would Christmas be without TV to watch?

So sit back in a comfy chair and grab a cup of cheer from some friends lining the route of The Fancast Christmas Marathon.

1. 30 Rock: Christmas Special

Jack keeps the entire Girlie Show staff at work to have a live Christmas Eve Special, just to avoid being home with mother.

2. Lou Grant: Christmas

Two news stories — one on a homeless family, the other about a politician — take unexpected turns.

3. The Office: Moroccan Christmas

The annual Christmas party gets derailed when Meredith sets herself on fire.

4. South Park: Christmas In Canada?

After Ike’s Canadian birth parents come to claim him during the Chanukah celebration, the Brovlofskis learn the Canadian government legally allows children to be reclaimed. Outraged, the boys decide to go to Canada and retrieve him.

5. House: Joy To The World

House and the team treat a bullied teen who collapsed during a high school Christmas program.

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