Watch This… And That (Tuesday, Dec. 23)

By: Jen Smith


Watch This: This week’s feeble attempt at a comeback is brought to you by Donnie and Marie Osmond. They’re hosting “Rediscovered,” a one-hour special which brings back the kids who auditioned alongside Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, only to go on to be your Average Joe. While it will surely be amusing to see these all-grown-up people attempt to make it in the biz, we’re all watching to see the old casting tapes of Christina Aguilera and the other Mouseketeers.

And That: Speaking of Britney, nobody re-invents herself more than she does… not even Madonna. In just a few short years, she’s gone from pop princess to mama to train wreck to comeback queen. MTV pounced on the opportunity to produce this behind-the-scenes look at a week in the life of Brit Brit, where we see her laugh, cry, and—yes—prove that she’s human just like the rest of us. Although… most people don’t get stalked by 20 paparazzi on a daily basis.

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