Backstage At The Golden Globes: Kate Winslet Talks Full Frontal, Mickey Rourke Bemoans His Past, Laura Dern Tells Sarah Palin To Stay In Alaska

Ann Murray


You saw the tears, the freak-outs, the quips and the comebacks during the Golden Globe Awards telecast, but what exactly went on backstage, where cameras were not always present? Fancast was around for the chaos at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, and what we saw wasn’t always as pretty as Drew Barrymore’s new look.

Tom Wilkinson said in the press room after his supporting role win for John Adams: “I had a speech worked out, but got terribly flustered. It’s so much more unsettling than you think it’s gonna be. Particularly when you see Clint Eastwood or Bruce Springsteen there. Are they gonna beat me up?”

A reporter asked Laura Dern, who had won for her portrayal of Katherine Harris in ‘Recount,’ what she wished for Sarah Palin. Dern added “I wish her great happiness in her private life in Alaska. That’s what I wish her.”


Dern was also asked, in a sort of backhanded compliment type of way, “after 27 years in the industry” how it still felt to win. But the actress didn’t mind the swipe at her years in the industry. “I experienced it most in the car,” she said, graciously. “Today I remembered my grandma dropping me off for rehearsal for one of my first gigs.”

The Jonas Brothers quipped that they had “never seen so many celebrities in our lives,” but we wondered whether many of these celebrities even knew who these pretty brothers really were?

It was a big night for Sally Hawkins. She was as emotional backstage in the press room as she was while receiving her award. Backstage, her hands were still shaky.

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Anna Paquin looked like a dream in heels, in her violet dress and pulled back hair. When she walked through the backstage lobby she seemed to glide. We asked her about her win for best actress in a television series she quickly said it felt “fantastic, amazing!”

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The first time Drew Barrymore was visible on the red carpet, a sea of backstage gasps were overheard. Her newly-blonde hair was teased and her baby blue John Galliano sparkled in the sunlight. Backstage onlookers wondered how she and ‘Grey Gardens’ co-star Jessica Lange could look so much like mother and daughter.

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The favorite color of the night for dresses seemed to be a beige tone that brought out actresses’ eyes and suntanned skin complexion (whether real or bottled!). Except for Anne Hathaway who, when she glided past us, nearly blinded us with her unique alabaster skin tone, which was accented by her dark blue dress and dark hair.

Demi Moore looked fantastic on and off the air and on the red carpet. Somewhere in the Moore attic lies a very old an scary painting of the raven-haired, ageless beauty.


Tracy Morgan looked fantastic in a white suit. His speech was amazing while receiving the cast’s first award of the night, but in the press room, Tina Fey took the helm. Alec Baldwin stayed in the background and seemed to just want to go home, slowly sneaking towards the doorway.

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Tina Fey looked gorgeous in a simple low-cut black dress but her hair was a bit messy. We asked her about her win backstage as she was being asked to sign a gigantic bottle of Moet Chandon (for charity, not for drinking) and she told us she was “overwhelmed and very tired.”

Bill Maher was milling outside the hotel bar with a pretty brunette, signing autographs. He was friendly with fans, who were generally hotel guests purposely having dinner at the bar in the hopes of catching a glimpse of their favorite star.

Kevin Bacon seemed to be trailing Kyra throughout the red carpet and also on his way to the main event. His haircut said “rocker” but his eyes said “get me out of here, Kyra and back to my couch.” It looked like he wasn’t having the best time.

Chris Pine was also milling about the main bar, but seemed a bit more nervous than Maher as he walked down the lobby.


Elizabeth Perkins and Mary-Louise Parker are friends on and off the set of ‘Weeds.’ They waited for each other while one did the E! interviews, and left backstage together to try and make it to the Showtime party. Perkins seemed to have some difficultly with her shoes (but what woman doesn’t!)

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The Mentalist’s Simon Baker wore his sunglasses inside the lobby. At night.

The comeback story of the night Mickey Rourke was cheeky with the press backstage but also had moments of sober seriousness. He talked about the long leap that it took for his success to come around in a circle. “I was … doing everything the wrong way. I thought I could get back into the business in two or three years. It took 13. I didn’t realize it would take this long. It was never about my ability. It was about can I handle myself.”

Rourke was also very self-reflective on his past life as a young star in the press room: “It was not about giving up,” he said about his youth. “If you misbehave you’re not accountable. I didn’t care about repercussions.”


Rachel Zoe and her assistant, Brad, were rushing inside the hotel for the afterparties. She had styled Anne Hathaway and Cameron Diaz for this momentous night. We wonder if these two will be featured in the upcoming season of The Rachel Zoe Project?

Kate Winslet looked exhausted backstage and held both Golden Globe statues while wearing her black Yves Saint Laurent dress. She said she thought “Anne Hathaway was going to win, hands down,” which of course she did not.

Winslet was also speechless: “I honestly can’t believe I’ve won both. I can’t believe it.”
But, when one particularly outspoken reporter asked her about her nude scenes being “impressive,” she regained her composure and added, “I won’t go there.”

A very relaxed, composed Sigourney Weaver added in the press room her thoughts on the SAG strike: “I think it is not a great time for actors to strike. I think we need to make lots of entertainment to distract and comfort us during the next couple of years.”

And distract and comfort us the Golden Globes did last night.

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