Gabrielle Anwar On Burn Notice’s Midseason Break And Getting Physical

Looks like Gabrielle Anwar is as confused as the rest of us as to why her
excellent series Burn Notice took a mid-season break last September after
its red hot debut last summer. But thank goodness the series returned last
night. We also caught up with the statuesque Anwar (she was in black
leather pants – yowser) as she browsed paintings at the ART LA 2009 opening
night reception to benefit the Museum Of Contemporary Art at Barker Hangar on Thursday night.

So Burn Notice just came back from their mid-season finale. Where’s it been?
I’m always sort of confused as how they program the season. I’m at a loss
as to why it ended when it did and now it’s picking up again. Because when
we’re actually shooting it, it’s just a consecutive amount of episodes. So
I hope I can figure out the problem in my own head so that I can follow the
rest of the episodes.

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What can we expect?
It’s a tremendously exciting bunch of episodes. I
haven’t seen any of them but I remember the shooting quite clearly and
there’s a lot going on. It’s extremely exciting what’s coming up. It’s
worth watching.

Ha – what else are you going to say. What’s been your favorite scene to

They’ve all been so different. I like to get physical while I’ve still got
it in me. I think I’ve got another season left but that’s a welcomed
challenge. All those scenes are terribly thrilling.

Did you watch the Inauguration?
I did watch and I was tremendously moved and excited and hopeful. I’m
thrilled that this is where we’re at. I actually became a US citizen so
that I could vote for Mr. Barack Obama. I’m a true, certified Obama groupie.

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