Neil Patrick Harris Wants More Romance On HIMYM

No one in Hollywood is more personable than How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris, who was with boyfriend David Burtka Thursday night at the Art LA VIP opening night reception benefiting the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Suave and smiling, Harris clued us in on what he’d like to see next on his popular sitcom. “I’ve been angling towards the romance for a while,” he said. “I think Cobie is an amazing person and any person who spends any time watching the show ends up being sort of smitten and attracted to her and she’s a good kisser,” said Neil Patrick Harris. “You’ll meet Barney’s mom soon too. That will be pretty cool.”

Kevin Rahm of Desperate Housewives was also at the event. “About eight or ten years ago I promised myself that every time I got a job I would buy myself a piece of art,” he said.

And John Hensley chimed in on Nip/Tuck. “For Matt it’s pretty much that he’s continuing his studies in medicine,” he said to Fancast. “Although he flounders in that he’s not a natural born doctor which I guess lends credit to the fact that he’s Christian’s son. As far as the other characters are concerned Sean definitely gets involved in an appropriately dramatic relationship. And the same with Christian and all of his trauma with the breast cancer. Yeah it just keeps going out of control.”

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