Weekend Double Feature: Marijuana and Munchies

Fancast Weekend Double Feature

Welcome to the Fancast Weekend Double Feature! Free movies, free fun, and you’ve got the best seat in the house – your house. Sit back, relax and take in some classic movies.

When we say relax, this time we really mean relax, man. This weekend, we present the classic American Experience. You’ve finally got some free time? Get rid to the stress by getting Totally Baked! Watch the pot-u-mentary of the same name and perhaps you’ll get inspired to write your local congressman to campaign for the legalization of marijuana. Or perhaps you’ll get inspired to lay on your couch and watch more Fancast movies. If so, the follow-up will be perfect for the munchies you’ll soon have: Burger Town! That’s right, a documentary about the history and development of the hamburger into the zillion-dollar business it is today, man. You’ll be fascinated to see how that came to be, man. The doors of perception will be blown open, man! Is that Freedom Rock, man? Yeah, man! Well, turn it up, man!

But first, check out some Coming Attractions!



Totally Baked!: A Pot-U-Mentary

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/movies/Totally-Baked%3A-A-Pot-u-mentary/4723/765964521/Totally-Baked/embed 420 355]

It’s not entirely a documentary, and it’s not entirely a mockumentary either. Combining a fictional story about a strident father and her weed-enthusiast daughter with ganja-related stand-up comedy, reefer sketches and real on-the-street interviews about the controversial (although less and less so each year, it would seem) subject of marijuana and it’s generally inexplicable illegality, Totally Baked! has a completely biased pro-hemp agenda. But at least it’s honest about it, and it goes out of its way to be entertaining about its message. Plus, if you watch it stoned, it’s ten times more hilarious!


Burger Town: America’s Love Affair With The Hamburger

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/movies/American-Experience%3A-Burger-Town—Americas-Love-Affair-with-the-Hamburger/148204/835495585/Burger-Town/embed 420 355]

What is it about a slab of meat between two pieces of specially-made bread that makes it such an insanely successful business in America? If you don’t know yet, watch Burger Town and you’ll learn all about America’s love affair with the hamburger. It’s right up there with apple pie when people think of Americana, so how did that come to pass? This documentary gives us the history from the inception to the rise of drive-in burger joints and eventually the fast food juggernauts that so dominate the country’s landscape. If you’re still doped up from Totally Baked, though, beware – Ronald McDonald can seem pretty damn freaky when you’re stoned.


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