Matt Damon Was Asked to Pay to Finish CIA Flick

We know Matt Damon has money – but not that kind of money.

The movie star/activist, revealed to the Miami Herald that his 2006 movie, The Good Shepherd, was bleeding cash and Damon was asked to help finance the Robert DeNiro-directed CIA thriller.

Bob, I think, sees The Good Shepherd as a trilogy about the history of the CIA,” Damon told the paper. “The first one ended around the Bay of Pigs, the second one would go from Vietnam to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the third would be everything since then, Iraq and Afghanistan and all that. That’s if they come up with the money. Who knows? We could barely get the first one finished because we kept running out of money. We were in the Dominican Republic shooting toward the end, and they even asked me for money to keep it going.”

I’m all for a trilogy on the founding and history of the CIA – but its gotta have a little more action than Shepherd if they’re going to get folks to go see it.

The tru-life stories may be terrific and revealing but if they are proposed as a flick just as stale as The Good Shepherd, it’ll be interesting to see if any studio will put up the dough to have it made.

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