PETA Banned From The Super Bowl For Sexy Veggie Ad

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Always on the lookout for meaningful news with a societal impact, Page Six reports that the animal rights group PETA has had its TV ad pulled from the Super Bowl because NBC says the spot “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.”

The ad, which carries the tagline, “Studies Show Vegetarians Have Better Sex,” shows Victoria’s Secret types getting randy over a freshly picked garden variety of erotic looking vegetables. The shot that sealed the ad’s fate is apparently the one where a supermodel gets a little too friendly with a pumpkin.

PeTA has a sense of humor about the incident. Says a rep: “PETA’s veggie ads are locked out, while ads for fried chicken and burgers are allowed, even though these foods make Americans fat, sick and boring in bed.”

But maybe the whole thing is a master stroke. The ad is now playing all around the world and PeTA is getting tons of free publicity.

Looks like they just saved 3 million bucks.

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