‘Larry King Live’ Turns Into Wrestling Infomercial

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Mickey Rourke, arguably the hottest actor in Hollywood right now, appeared on ‘Larry King Live’ last night apparently to discuss his award-winning role in The Wrestler. However, the interview predictably turned out to be a long plug for a Rourke/Chris Jericho bout at this year’s Wrestlemania 25.

Rourke has signed to wrestle WWE superstar Jericho on April 5th.

“He made no mistakes [in the role,] but I think he did make a mistake at the SAG Awards when he mentioned WrestleMania and called me out because if he got his wish and had a confrontation with me at WrestleMania, I think the ending of a Jericho/Rourke movie wouldn’t turn out for Mr. Rourke as it did in The Wrestler.”

“Ooooh a challenge,” King said dryly.

“I was a professional fighter,” Rourke said. Would I box him in a boxing ring or a bare knuckle match? Yeah. Wrestling? That’s his world. That’s what this man [Jericho] does.”

Now, sadly, that’s what ‘Larry King Live’ does.

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