Tuned In: What’s Hot, Hotter And Definitely Not Happening On TV

What’s Hot: Wednesday Ratings

I cannot tell a lie … FOX’s potent combo of “American Idol” and freshman hit “Lie To Me” powered the network to a big ratings win Wednesday night.

Lost” retained nearly all of its premiere audience from last week and helped ABC finish second for the night in the demo. It’s worth noting that a “Criminal Minds” repeat still outpaced “Lost” in overall viewers and “CSI: New York” won the 10pm slot airing an encore as well. CBS shows are an anomaly in how well they hold up vs. original airings.

Trailing FOX and CBS for the night in the ratings race were NBC, ABC and The CW. “Idol” and “Knight Rider” saw significant gains from last week, while Katie Couric’s primetime news special drew a sparse 6.5 million viewers.

What’s Hotter: Lost

OK, first things first, I’m a die-hard “Lost” nut. I’m on board, no matter how many time warps, smoke monsters, confusing characters or ghosts come onto the show. That being said, last night’s “Lost” was one of the best episodes on TV in a long time.

**SPOILER ALERT: The reveal that Charles Widmore was in fact on the island in the past and us getting to meet him last night was awesome. Couple that with the news that Penny and Desmond had a son and named him Charlie after Des’s dead friend, and I dare you to say you weren’t a little teary-eyed. (I sure was.)

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Lost/93942/1014813737/Is-A-Lost-Movie-Possible/embed 420 355]

Ever since ABC and the “Lost” producers agreed on an end date for the series (which will wrap after Season 6 ends in May 2010) the storytelling has been ramped up and every episode feels like a treasure now that we know we only have a certain amount yet. And OK, the show isn’t pulling in as many viewers as it was during the watercooler days of Season 1, but who cares? Jump on board for the ride and if you’ve ever watched the show, get in now and go along for the wild and wooly sprint to the finish.

Watch the latest full episode of “Lost” right here on Fancast.

Thursday Sizzlers:

  • Hell’s Kitchen: 9pm ET on FOX It’s the season premiere and you know you’ll be watching to see who Chef Ramsay turns his wrath on next!
  • Supernatural: 9pm ET on The CW Because the Winchester boys are headed back to their high school to look into a series of murders there. Might we see some flashbacks to Sam and Dean as teens? Let’s hope so!
  • The Trials Of Ted Haggard: 8pm ET on HBO The tale of former evangelist preacher Ted Haggard and his relationship with a young male church member is back in the news this week with more allegations.
  • What’s Definitely Not Happening:

    As much as it pains me to write this, “Life On Mars” only drew 6.5 million viewers last night, a sharp decline from its last original airing in 2008. It also squandered much of its “Lost” lead-in and I fear for the long-term future of this cop/sci-fi drama that deserves to be seen by a wider audience. It’s not too late, so check it out next week on ABC or you can watch the latest episode right here on Fancast.

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