PTC Puts Nip/Tuck in the Line of Fire

The Parents’ Television Council is morally outraged yet again! Not that it should come as any kind of shock. Don’t these people essentially spend their day reprimanding people for what they watch on TV?

Today, they’re gunning for Nip/Tuck, which should be nothing new given the show’s content. The PTC is appalled by a recent episode which “depicted a woman using an electric carving knife to cut off her own breast.” Well, at that, I’m pretty appalled too. But this is Nip/Tuck we’re talking about here. It’s a show known for being sick, twisted, and well, appalling. And that shock value is exactly why it’s on TV in the first place and has been so successful.

But the PTC isn’t okay with that excuse. PTC President Tim Winter said they are “not content with depictions or descriptions of bestiality, incestuous necrophilia, or blood-soaked stabbings, the narcissistic sociopaths behind the production and distribution of Nip/Tuck have chosen to establish yet another low-point in the history of television. Tuesday’s episode portrayed sickening and bloody images of a woman who takes a mastectomy into her own hands in the crowded lobby of a doctor’s office.”

Not one to stop at simple moral outrage, the PTC announced it plans to contact all of the show’s advertisers to ask, “Whether bloody self-mutilation with an electric carving knife is in alignment with the corporate image they wish to portray.”

Hey, PTC, here’s a thought: sponsors know which show they’re advertising on. They chose Nip/Tuck, probably for that exact content, because of the audience it brings. Yes, it’s gross and obscene, but it’s also on cable late at night so kids aren’t likely to watch. And if they are, maybe you should focus on the parents who allow it.

Regardless, if it were something truly too hot for TV, the FCC would step in. Which they haven’t. Which means Nip/Tuck can continue to lop off as many personal body parts as they want. Talk to you after the next episode, PTC.

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