South Park’s Most Insulting Celebrity Spoofs

South Park enjoys a well-deserved reputation for cruel humor that they have never really apologized for. Whether it’s tackling assisted suicide, same sex marriage or organized religion, no issue escapes its scathing wit. But Matt Stone and Trey Parker save a special place in South Park Hell for phony, self-absorbed celebrities who use their fame (and sometimes fortune) to flit a little closer to the flame.

Some targets are obvious. SP wasn’t the first show to climb aboard the anti-Michael Jackson bandwagon. And Rosie O’Donnell was annoying plenty of viewers long before Comedy Central brought the boys on the air. The genius of South Park is that they make fun of celebs that some people never heard of. And one who doesn’t even exist.

Here are some clips which prove the point that nobody is safe from a brilliant lampooning by the unhinged minds behind South Park. And remember. All celebrities are impersonated… poorly.

Tina Yothers: The actress from Family Ties is parachuted in to South Park elementary to judge the Halloween costume contest.

Richaard Stamos: Older brother to John, Richard is less than noteworthy as he sings “Loving You” at a cow slaughter masquerading as a parade tribute to newly liberated cattle.

Patrick Duffy: The Dallas heartthrob is somehow reincarnated as one of the legs of Cartman’s mythical fireside creature Scuzzlebutt.

Kathie Lee Gifford: Chef is so excited by a popemobile visit from the Live! host, he’s inspired to sing a few lines of highly inappropriate verse, “Shaft” style.

Don’t Forget Jesus!: Even Jesus knows which hot-button topics to stay away from on his TV call-in show.

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