MacGruber! PepSuber!

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MacGruber! If I knew any other lyrics to the catchy Saturday Night Live skit I would insert them here. But, alas, they change every time. So – MacGruber! If you watched SNL this past weekend, chances are that tune is stuck in your head too, as the mini skit starring Will Forte as a MacGyver wannabe was repeated several times throughout the broadcast. But there’s a very good reason for that – it was a commercial! SNL and MacGruber teamed up with Pepsi to disguise several ads as sketches featuring the recurring character whose bomb-defusing attempts always end in explosion.

Saturday’s installment even had the original MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson, guest-starring as a collaborator trying to help MacGruber save the day. But it became clear quickly that the repeated appearances weren’t just to please fans (though they definitely did). They were ads for Pepsi – MacGruber drinking Pepsi instead of dismantling bombs, MacGruber changing his name to “PepSuber” and finally, a hijack of the signature tune of just “PepSuber” over and over again. And you gotta admit; it was darn catchy.

The MacGruber spots tricked viewers who thought they were fast forwarding commercials only to watch one without even knowing it. I can attest to that.

In case you missed it, NBC’s website has the MacGruber/Pepsi ads online. But the clever sneaks also attached commercials in front of the skits to make you watch a commercial, in order to watch another commercial. But that’s fine with me. In my opinion, it was the best part of Saturday’s show! MacGruber!

Better yet – watch the skits on Fancast!

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