Steven Adler’s Celebrity Arrest

Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab and Sober House apparently didn’t get through to former Guns N Roses drummer, Steven Adler. The drummer was booked on January 26 for not following through with his community service requirement stemming from a 2008 narcotics arrest.

On the latest two episodes of Sober House, Adler has managed to sneak in crack pipes, get high in the bathroom during a house family bbq and get himself picked up by the cops for threatening staff-members.

This brings up an important point: Is a TV-based rehab program appropriate for celebrity addicts, or any addicts for that matter? We’ve been through A&E’s Intervention, which documents a family’s intervention process, and the cameras seem to be transparent enough so that participants aren’t tempted to “play it up” for the cameras. But can we really trust former models, musicians and actors to not feel impelled to over-dramatize for producers? Or start using again for the sole purpose of making it to the Sober House sequel? Time will tell if this type of intervention will work for them.

Watch Adler’s first attempt at TV rehab, with full episodes of Celebrity Rehab (season 2) on fancast.

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