Tuned In: What’s Hot, Hotter And Definitely Not Happening In TV

What’s Hot: Sunday Ratings

The Steelers and Cardinals put on a hell of a show Sunday (well, 4th Quarter at least) and NBC dominated in the ratings with the big game and a special hour-long “The Office” that followed.

As is the norm, the other networks raised the white flag vs. the football juggernaut and aired all repeats against the titanic Steelers-Cards tilt. Left in the wake were a “Wipeout” bowl on ABC, FOX’s animated lineup and “Cold Case” and “The Mentalist” among others.

It’s encouraging in this day and age to see that such a massive audience (around 79 million viewers at last count) can tune in to watch a single event and NBC has to be thrilled with the numbers. Although the ratings were down from last year’s record-breaking game, 79 million is still quite impressive, especially considering the small-marked Cardinals from Arizona were involved.

What’s Hotter: The Office

What do guest stars Jessica Alba, Jack Black and a special, hour-long episode add up to? If you answered “record ratings” for this much beloved NBC comedy, you would be correct!

Getting the much-coveted Super Bowl slot was a just reward for one of the best comedies (nee best shows) on TV period. The show tended to struggle a bit in these inflated hour-long airings in the past, but last night’s episode was full of the pranks we love, a ribald roast to boss-from-hell Michael Scott, and the afore-mentioned star power in a clever movie stunt.

If this is what it takes to get more people watching this show, we’re all for it! In the meantime you can watch the latest episode here on Fancast.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Office/7370/1019476328/Stress-Relief/embed 420 355]

Monday Sizzlers:

  • Heroes: 9pm ET on NBC The show is finally back, kicking off the much-anticipated “Fugitives” arc where our favorites are united and on the run against a common enemy. And sure it hasn’t been the strongest season so far, but it has to get better right? Especially now that Bryan Fuller is back on board behind the scenes to work his magic.
  • House: 8pm ET on FOX Because it’s our favorite cranky-pants’ 100th episode and it’s a doozy. Prepare to be stunned…
  • The Bachelor: 9pm ET on ABC Someone has to start calling out our boy Jason on all the making out he’s been doing so far right? I mean he came in with this apple-pie, single dad halo around him, but man is he getting some serious tongue action going with these ladies!
  • What’s Definitely Not Happening:

    The CW’s Sunday night movie experiment seems to be doing about as well as its anemic Fall shows, the did-that-really-air “Valentine” and the equally awful “In Harm’s Way.” Last night the network barely registered even as a blip on the Nielsen radar when it presented the classic “Throw Momma From the Train.” The CW obviously has a lot of holes in its weekly lineup, but Sundays are only getting worse for them and it looks like the movie route isn’t the way to go either.

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