The View from The Hills

Are you ready to check out The View from LA?  That’s what fans of the morning talk show staple can expect come March.  For the first time in four years, ABC’s The View will travel to Los Angeles the week of March 9th for three live shows and two taped ones.  And you can definitely expect an LA spin.  Because, what’s more LA than the couple you love to hate, Speidi?

It turns out that Bill Geddie, the executive producer of “The View” is “obsessed” with MTV reality couple, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.  He likes them so much; he’ll book them right alongside high caliber guests like Condoleeza Rice who recently appeared on the show.

“This is my personal obsession,” Geddie said of the fame-whoring couple. “I can’t get enough Heidi and Spencer.  I must tell you, the women are not exactly in my court on this.  I hear: ‘Why are you booking them again?’ And I say, ‘There’s something about them that sort of encapsulates the age we live in.'”

Geddie talked about the upcoming trip in Monday’s LA Times, and said he thinks it will “revitalize” the show and allow them to tap into the Hollywood talent pool of stars that don’t usually come to New York.  “There are certain people that just never come out,” Geddie told the paper.  “Like Jay Leno. He doesn’t get to New York very much. Kimmel doesn’t come here much.”

Both Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel will appear on The View when it hits LA.  Other scheduled guests will include Miley Cyrus, Sally Field, and Eva Longoria Parker.

And of course, there will still be plenty of hot topics, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck outbursts.  Though, luckily for her, Heidi and Spencer are fellow Republicans!

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