Lost Preview ‘The Little Prince’

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Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse promised a new season of more answers than questions, and they got right to it. Last week we found out more about the mysterious Charles Widmore. He was actually on the island back in the 1950’s! Will tonight’s episode keep the answers coming? Here’s a little preview.

In tonight’s episode, titled ‘The Little Prince,’ Kate discovers that someone knows the secret of Aaron’s true parental lineage. We know that Kate is used to being on the run but this is probably the only reason she would ever go back to the island. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect Aaron. Although it’s doubtful that our Oceanic 6 will make it back to the island in tonight’s episode we do see Sawyer say “I saw Kate in the jungle” in the preview. It makes more sense to assume that by moving through time they are bound to run into earlier versions of themselves and their loved ones. Maybe there will be a secret Rendezvous between season 5 Sawyer and season 2 Kate?

“I have to make them come back,” Locke tells Sawyer in the promo for tonight’s episode. “Even if it kills me.” And kill him it will. We already know of Lock’s death in the future but why would they need to bring the body back to the island? Is there a possibility that the island could bring him back like it did to Jack’s dad? Will we find out what is wrong with Charlotte? Or how about the mystery behind Faraday’s past and his mother’s connection to the island? One thing is for sure, this season of Lost has us hooked! Don’t miss tonight’s all new episode!

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