Privileged: “All About Confessions”

This show is seems like its wrapping up the plots in preparation for cancellation. Charlie’s going to UC San Diego. Megan’s disappointed he’s moving. He breaks the news to Mandy telling her he’ll move soon. He isn’t sure they can make the long distance thing work. She agrees without rancor, vowing to throw him a bon voyage party. Charlie suggests Lily turn over a new leaf by being the strong, supportive person in the family. Lily thinks he needs to deal with his feelings for Megan if he ever hopes to be free of her.

Will doesn’t share Megan’s disappointment in Charlie’s impending departure. At his suggestion, she decides to invite Charlie for a goodbye meal. After some drinking on the beach, he kisses her and tells her he loves her, offering to stay if he reciprocates. A lifeguard tells them to leave before she responds. The next day Megan brings Charlie chicken, hoping to write off the evening as a drunken mistake. He doesn’t back down from the I love you. She tells him she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Will is shocked Megan didn’t know how Charlie felt. She still wants to go to his party. Will tells her it would be cruel of her to show up. Seriously! Megan goes anyway. She and Lily compare notes on Dad, with Lily volunteering to check on hom. Will comes, too. They all end up playing beer pong. When Will wins, he and Charlie get a metaphorical pissing contest that degenerates into a brawl. Megan apologizes to Mandy for ruining the party. Mandy tells her she should apologize for screwing with Charlie all these years, accusing Megan of being self-absorbed. She tells Will she needs to make sure that Charlie is okay. She argues that Will shares responsibility for the fight, suggesting that Will should have let Charlie win. Will tells Megan he thinks he’s always going to come in second to Charlie. Megan acknowledges she’s been selfish and in denial. Charlie points out he could have confessed his feelings sooner. He assures her they’ll find a way to stay friends. Charlie drives off to his new life. So much for the show’s central love triangle, but it’s nice to see someone on a show actually go away to college.

Sage tells Rose she’s afraid to tell Luis she’s a virgin, worrying he’ll dump her for wanting to wait. Rose hasn’t told Zach she isn’t a virgin. Sage decides they both have to tell. Sage sits Luis down, going through a labored analogy that he doesn’t get until she blurts out she’s a virgin. He reveals he’s a devout Catholic who is waiting for marriage. She freaks over his religiosity.

Zach tells Sage he isn’t a virgin either. He had a girlfriend for two years. A blonde woman stares ar Rose. Rose searches Polly’s Facebook profile. Acting on a tip from her status update, she tracks her down at a restaurant and watches her from across the room. She confesses her irrational behavior to a charmed, amused Zach. The blonde woman approaches her, introducing herself as Elise, and asking her if she met Miles. Rose verifies it, Elise reveals that she is Miles’s daughter, and Rose is his granddaughter.

Sage attempts Church with Luis. She cries during the service, but ends up enjoying herself. She confesses that she hadn’t attended church since her parents funeral, when she was 6. Sage goes to confession. She tells the priest she’s responsible for her parents death. Whoa.

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