Christian Bale “Felt Awful” and Apologized For Rant, Says Terminator Co-Star Bryce Dallas Howard

by | February 5, 2009 at 1:36 PM | The Movies

Ron Howard was on Howard Stern and he told Howard Stern that his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard had told Ron Howard about Christian Bale’s suddenly much-publicized rant on the set of Terminator: Salvation, in which Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of Ron Howard who was on Howard Stern today, is a co-star. Yes, I just wanted to see how many times I could use the word ‘Howard’ in that sentence. Howard Howard. Ahem.

Anyway, Bryce apparently called her father the day of the incident in question and said it was a “really weird day” on the set, as she was in the scene opposite him when he exploded at the director of photography for disrupting the set during the most emotional scene of the film. Yet Bale apparently “felt awful” about the rant and apologized to the entire crew the next day, and they all finished the rest of the film without incident. DP Shane Hurlbut was never even fired. So the fact that Bale is just a really intensely emotional actor, the fact that the DP didn’t lose his job even for committing major movie-set mistakes repeatedly, and that Bale regretted the whole embarrassing incident means that we probably don’t have to lump him in with Russell Crowe or Naomi Campbell. No telephones were harmed in the filming of this motion picture. And I’m sure Hurlbut isn’t thrilled about having his day of bungling becoming national news, either.

So can we now go back to anticipating that Bale will be a part of making the Terminator franchise cool again in the post-Schwarzenegger era? Because this movie looks fairly badass, which is what fans of this series have been desperately waiting for.


And while we’re at it, let’s watch another famous Howard in action – the legendary Howard The Duck, ladies and gentlemen!