Seth Green’s Favorite Animated Shows

We first met Seth Green as Oz, the lovable werewolf on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He then went on to tackle hilarious movie roles like Scott Evil in the Austin Powers films. But these days, Seth has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of TV animation, working on shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken. So what sent him in that direction? Probably those hours of animated shows he liked to watch as a kid, which included:

GI Joe – I love the old GI Joe cartoons. I know it’s not well produced and it’s a one to five animation ratio but it’s a nostalgic love of mine

Family Guy – Is that stupid to say? I never read the scripts, I just record my dialogue and then I get to watch the show as a fan.

The Critic – Do you remember it? I loved it.

Frisky Dingo – It’s on Adult Swim and it’s one of my favorite cartoons. It is a brilliantly silly cartoon.

South Park – I love South Park. Those guys are f***ing brilliant. And it’s so funny to read interviews with them, watching them evolve over time. The stuff that I’ve read that they were talking about 10 years versus the things that they say now is just interesting to see. But that show has been consistently smart, and just has some of the most astute social commentary, and remarkably balanced arguments about very socially relevant things.

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