‘Tonight Show’ May Lose Max Weinberg

Conan O’Brien might have to find a new name for the “Max Weinberg 7.” According to the NY Post, Max Weinberg isn’t warming up to the idea of moving out of New Jersey and into SoCal when Conan takes over The Tonight Show next month.

The popular drummer reportedly makes mucho más dinero working for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, and would feel the pinch if he pulled anchor and moved to Los Angeles. And because of the housing market, Weinberg is also having problems selling his old home as well has hunting for a new one.

“The show would like him to [move] and we’re trying to figure it out,” an NBC spokesman said.

It goes without saying that Weinberg’s departure would be a blow to fans of Conan. First the masturbating bear gets shelved, and now this. Who’s next? LaBamba? Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?

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